The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum – Milan

Visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci museum was a last-minute addition to our Milan itinerary, and by this, I mean we decided to visit a few days before our trip. However, I’m very glad we came to this decision, because we spent several hours in the museum, which kept us busy and sheltered from the increasingly cold weather. The museum is located about a mile west … Continue reading The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum – Milan

Restaurant Review: Ristorante Galleria

If you have read my post about my trip to Milan, you will already know that I must’ve enjoyed eating at the Ristorante Galleria very much, as we ended up eating there twice within the space of 24 hours. Great food in a great location, I think you would struggle to find somewhere better to eat in central Milan. Ristorante Galleria is located in the … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Ristorante Galleria

Hotel Review: IH Hotels Milano Gioia

When booking our trip to Milan last November, our main requirement for a hotel was that it was cheap, but still offered a certain level of comfort. The Hotel Milano Gioia ticked both these boxes, and so we spent two nights at the hotel on our Milanese city break. The Hotel Milano Gioia is located around a 10-minute taxi ride from the centre of Milan. … Continue reading Hotel Review: IH Hotels Milano Gioia

Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Milan

You might be wondering why I would dedicate an entire post to Starbucks, but the one in Milan isn’t just any old Starbucks. It is a Starbucks Reserve Roastery. A first for Italy, and one of only three special Reserve Roasteries in the world (the others are in Seattle and Shanghai, in case you were wondering), the Milanese Starbucks is worth a visit for any … Continue reading Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Milan