Privacy Policy

Policy last updated: 9th September 2021

The privacy of our readers is very important to us.

Who We Are & What This Policy Covers?

Rob on Holiday is an unofficial travel blog, designed for informational and entertainment purposes only.

This website is hosted by Automattic (the parent company of and was built using a free plan. As such, Automattic can also collect and use data from visitors to this website.

The following privacy policy outlines how both we, the administrators of Rob on Holiday, and Automattic collect and use your data.

How We Collect Data and What Information We Collect

We collect information from site visitors in two ways:

  • Information provided to us automatically by your browser
  • Information you provide us with through interacting with the website

Information You Provide

You provide us with information when you interact with this website in one of the following ways:

  1. Subscription Forms: If you choose to subscribe to this blog, you will be asked to enter your email address and/or WordPress username. This information is stored as part of a subscriber list so that we can contact you when we upload new content.
  2. Comments: When you leave a comment on one of our blog posts, you will be asked to provide us with your email address, name or WordPress username and, of course, your comment. You also have the option to provide us with the URL to your own website.
  3. Search Queries: If you use the search box at the top of our website, your search queries will be collected.

Information We Collect Automatically

We collect the following types of information automatically from site visitors:

  1. Information provided to us by your web browser: this information is collected from every visitor to our website and includes your IP address, the type of browser you are using, your unique device identifier, your language preferences, referring site (the site that directed you to ours), the date and time you visited our website, the operating system you are using and mobile network information (if you access our website using your mobile phone).
  2. When you like a post: we collect information when you like one of our posts.
  3. Approximate location: we collect the approximate geographical location of our sites’ visitors to compile stats. This information is based on the location of your IP address.
  4. When you comment on our posts: in addition to the information you provide when posting a comment, we also automatically collect the IP address, user agent, referrer and site URL. This information is collected to detect potential spam comments and stop them from being published to our website.
  5. Information collected through Jetpack features: Jetpack is a plugin used by WordPress websites to perform a wide variety of functions. The Jetpack plugin collects information from visitors automatically when:
    1. You like a post: Jetpack collects the IP address, user ID and username, the site and post ID of the post you liked, user agent, the time you liked the post, your browser language and country code whenever you hit the like button on one of our blog posts.
    2. You interact with our website by subscribing or commenting: when you subscribe or comment on one of our posts, your email address, username, your own site URL (if you have one) and your comment will be collected and shared with Jetpack.
    3. You use the search feature: Jetpack uses your search queries to process your search request. Your IP address, URL, user agent, the time you entered your search query, your browser language and country code are also collected every time you use the search function. Search results are compiled using previously gathered data on page views.
    4. You click on links: when you click on a link on our website, or when you click on any link in a subscriber email sent to you, Jetpack collects your IP address, user ID and username, the ID of our website, user agent, referring URL, the time you clicked on the link, your browser language and country code.
    5. WordPress stats: in order to provide us with statistics, Jetpack collects your IP address, user ID and username (if you are currently logged in), user agent, visiting and referring URL, the time you visited our website, your browser language and country code. As you interact with our website, Jetpack will collect information on the posts and pages you view, any videos you play that are available on our website, any links you click on, which website referred you to ours, any search terms you used in a search engine to find us and the country you are visiting our site from. This information is stored for 28 days in order to compile monthly statistics.

When collecting information automatically, Automattic and Jetpack never share any personally identifiable information with us, the administrators of Rob on Holiday.

If you want to learn more about Jetpack’s privacy policy, click here.


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that contain information about your preferences based on previous visits to our website.

If you want to learn more about how cookies work on this website, and how you can opt out, click here to read our cookie policy.

How We Use Your Data

Any information we collect is used to help both us, the administrators of Rob on Holiday, and Automattic to create and manage our website.

We use non-personal information such as where you’re visiting from and what time you visited to improve our services and better meet our readers’ needs.

Information provided to us by you through subscription and comment forms is used to contact you. Please note that, when you leave a comment on one of our posts, your comment, WordPress username, your user picture and your website URL (if you provided this) will be publicly displayed on our website. Your email address will never be displayed publicly.

Information you provide when leaving a comment is also used to detect potential spam comments and stop them from being automatically published to our website. 

How Your Information is Shared

Automattic shares your information in the following cases:

  1. With subsidiaries, employees and independent contractors: information is shared with these individuals to help them provide services to Automattic. They are also bound by this privacy policy and cannot share your information with anyone else.
  2. With third party vendors who provide services to users: for example, Jetpack.
  3. When complying with a legal request such as a subpoena, court order or other governmental request: you can find out more information on how this process works here.
  4. In order to protect rights, property and others: information will be shared wherever Automattic sees necessary in order to protect the personal and/or legal interests and safety of others.
  5. In the case of a business transfer: in the unlikely event that Automattic is sold or merges with another company, your data will be transferred to the new owners. These new owners would still be bound by Automattic’s existing privacy policy when collecting and using your data.

Information you provide in comments will be publicly available for everyone to see. This includes your username, user picture and the content of your comment. This information may also be indexed by search engines and/or used by third parties.

How Long Your Data Is Stored

Your data is stored for as long as it is required for Automattic to provide its services.

For example, as mentioned above, non-personal information used for compiling stats is stored for 28 days so that Automattic can compile monthly statistics for our website.

Subscription information will be stored until you choose to unsubscribe from our website.


Ads are displayed on Rob on Holiday as it has been built using a free plan.

Ads are placed by third party companies, who may also collect the following information from website visitors: IP address, web browser type, mobile network information, the pages you view on our site and how long you spent on each one, any links you click and conversion information.

These companies may use the information they collect to analyse the popularity of content in order to place targeted adverts on our website, tailored to our readers’ interests.

If you want to know more about how internet-based advertising works and how you may be able to opt our of having your browsing information tracked, you can visit:

You Can Ask Us to Delete Some of Your Data

You can ask us to delete information you provide to us when subscribing or leaving a comment on our website.

Contact us at to request this. We will honour your request as soon as possible. We make no guarantees on the speed of our response. We will delete your information from our WordPress dashboard, but we cannot guarantee how quickly Automattic will handle the removal of your data.